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Location: Delphinus Xel Ha Available: Daily Schedule: 1 Adults price: $99.00 USD $ 55.64 USD Child price: $ 99.00 USD $ 55.64 USD
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Is swimming with dolphins in Xel Ha in your bucket list? Make it happen with Delphinus Interax!

The Interax swim with dolphins by Delphinus is perfect for families, from little kids to senior adults. The activities included in this interactive program are very easy to perform and the dolphin trainers look after you at all times. You just have to focus all your attention on enjoying your experience with these fantastic marine mammals!

Make your dream of swimming with dolphins in Xel Ha come true and let your new marine friend kiss you on the cheek. Give him a hug and swim with him, too. Listen to the dolphins sing and see how well they dance!



Towels, lockers, showers.

Activities: A kiss, a hug, jumping, free swimming. Duration: 30 min with the dolphins Includes:

Towels, lockers, showers.

Not includes:

Admission to Xel-Ha, transportation, pictures of your swim with dolphins, other activities in Xel Ha, Cancun, or Riviera Maya.


This place and the dolphin trip is brilliant. The guys really look after the Dolphins and it's amazing how the Dolphins listen to the instructions!!! Photos are reasonably priced too... Barter if you dare as you get it cheaper.- Peety85

This is the second time that I have had a dolphin experience. The first time being in Jamaica. This was hands down the better experience and the staff was awesome!.- animalkind1


Children under 4 feet tall must be accompanied by a paying adult. The use of a life jacket is required in every interactive program with dolphins. For safety reasons, pregnant women are not allowed to participate in any of the water activities. Cameras are not permitted during the swimming with dolphins program. You must arrive 30 minutes prior to the start time of the tour. It is advisable to bring towels and some extra money.