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Location: Cabo Adventures Available: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday Schedule: 1 Adults price: $249.00 USD $ 239.00 USD Child price: $ 249.00 USD $ 239.00 USD
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This is much more than just swimming with dolphins in Cabo, you'll be a trainer for a day!

The Dolphin Trainer for a Day program in Cabo will let you live the closest experience to dolphins you can get. You will learn everything about the habits of this marine species and you'll also see all the actions that need to be taken by the vets and trainers so that the dolphins are always in the best conditions.

Becoming a Trainer for a Day is something you will never forget! Besides the behind-the-scenes tour, during this interactive program you will also experience a regular dolphin swim in Cabo, so you will also have time to touch, kiss, and hug these fantastic marine mammals.


A lunch, a commemorative t-shirt, a diploma, a DVD and a digital photo of your dolphin swim.

Activities: Training, briefing, foot push, hug, swirl, signals, kiss, singing, dancing, free jumping & swimming. Duration: 135 min in the water and 7 hours of activities Includes:

A lunch, a commemorative t-shirt, a diploma, a DVD and a digital photo of your dolphin swim.

Not includes:

Additional photos of your dolphin swim.


“Amazing experience!”
I would recommend this excursion to anyone! The facility was clean, employees were professional, and the one-on-one time with the Dolphins was great! Thank you Ivan the trainer for an amazing time with the Dolphins!.- Carolpbj

“Exceptional Expereince!”
Our trainer was Sasha- although she was a sight for sore eyes, she was amazing, very nice and complimented the expereince. Made the moment feel special and we had a very nice time. The Dolphin expereince was amazing.- David C


This activity is recommended for travelers 13 or older. The use of a life jacket is required in every interactive program with dolphins. For safety reasons, pregnant women are not allowed to participate in any of the water activities. Cameras are not permitted during the swimming with dolphins program. You must arrive 30 minutes prior to the start time of the tour. It is advisable to bring towels and some extra money.